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Ria Mills is the co-founder of Phoenix Flames and Head Coach. In the past Ria has coached Woodford Warriors, Whipps Cross Wildcats, and the University of East London's Netball Team. She played for 20 years and has been coaching for 15 years, with previously coached players recently having made it to county level.


LSE Regional Grassroot Coach 2018


BSC in Sports Development

Level 2 coach

"I love that everyone who attends brings something different and leaves with more than they expected!"


Suabhann Dunne has been coaching for 8 years. Phoenix Flames was one of the first clubs she coached during her development and is now in her second full season coaching the club.

Suabhann has also coached Woodfood Warriors NC and several primary/secondary school teams.


Level 1 Coaching

"I love coaching for PF as all the girls come to training with a smile and make me laugh even if I have had a long day. The positive and energetic atmosphere throughout the club makes the cold training evenings so worthwhile!"


After deciding she wanted to help others improve and play the best they can Caoimhe Dunne decided to become a coach. She has now been coaching for 8 years.


Level 2 Coaching

"I love Phoenix because there is always a positive atmosphere and everyone gets along really well. It it fun to coach everyone as everyone always tries their best!"


Debbie Walsh has recently, after many years of playing netball decided to hang up her netball trainers, and take on the new challenge of being Phoenix Flames Netball Clubs back to netball team coach.


Level 1 Coaching

"Through playing netball I have made some lifelong friends. I love playing for Phoenix because everyone is like family."


After wanting to improve her own knowledge of the game as well as being a teacher Megan Frogley decided to combine her passions and become a coach. Megan currently coaches year 7-9.


Level 1 Coaching

"I love playing and coaching for Phoenix as the club atmosphere is so welcoming and friendly. Everyone works hard for each other to improve their game... and the socials are pretty good too!"


Danielle Griffiths is looking forward to helping Phoenix Flames have a successful season after pursuing a coaching role within the junior team. Like Megan Dani sees coaching as a rewarding experience helping others, whilst also improving her own game.

"My love for netball started at a young age watching my mum play and coach I couldn’t wait to get my hands on a bib and ball. During my short time at Phoenix I have found a place that means more to me than just a sport and a club, we are a family."


Lauren is new to Phoenix Flames, but has been playing for 15 years and took up assistant coaching at the age of 12 – she was then given the opportunity to look after a session and team at age 14.


Lauren umpire's and is about to take the C award test early in 2019. She has just completed a sports coaching science degree and hopes to put everything she has learnt into her coaching sessions with Phoenix.

"The friends I have made through the years of playing netball are now my friends for a lifetime, we’ve laughed on the court, cried on the court, won and lost many games together but it’s everything I love about the game."


Club Secretary:
Michele Haspineall
Social Secretary:
Lee Rowland
Club Treasurer:
Becky Frowde
Eleanor Budd
Kit Officer:
Katie Wood
Tayla Wetherick @ TAY•LA
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